There will always be points-of-view I find challenging to identify myself with, not due to my lack of effort to visualize myself in the others’ shoes but due to my life trajectory that didn’t intersect with similar circumstances of the person I am in reference to.

Work has always been an earnest dedication I exercise in exchange of my growth and recognition as a professional. Value of the place I choose to work was always about the potential it has in teaching me to do more and better, and the work ethics and harmony practiced by the organization. Salary was always a secondary issue in defining the place I work, for I believe that financial independence I battle to conquer comes from the rigor I apply in managing my personal finances and advancing my professional capacity.

This view of mine was never an issue until it clashed against the opinions of those that beg to differ. And I realized, because of my upbringing that never lacked in resources and educational opportunities, I will never come close to comprehending the essence of what it is like to come from a humble background, a place where the value of salary can weigh much heavier than other factors.

This stopped me from advocating my point of view. What do I know about the hardship and preoccupation from not being able to pay my bills, not having food on my table or roof over my head? Not much. And maybe there will always be a gap of empathy between me and them because no matter how much I want to understand I will be limited by my personal experience. It’s a sad realization but I guess it’s just a matter of fact, and I have to be okay with it.