In order to diagnose an illness, we first have to examine all the variables that could have caused the existing symptoms. If illness is a sign of entropy in the network of collaboration between cells, I define frustration and anxiety as entropy in the association of thoughts. To diagnose it, I examine the cluster of existing information and trace them back to their possible origins to make sense of them through writing. I throw up all my thoughts in written words then flip them around to sync them with the body of theories and hypothesis I have generated through time.

David Allen, in his book Get Things Done, compares our mind to that of a computer’s RAM memory. His GTD method of organization is based on the concept of classifying and compartmentalizing the jumble of information within our internal and external reach in accordance to how much control we have over them presently and the time required to take the action. By discriminating the nature of the nagging elements and directing them to specific inventories, the RAM memory can be used productively, allowing the mind to solve one thing at a time without being bothered by trigger sources. The act of writing does this for the bigger questions. It allows me to safely unload my worrisome contents into an organized system, clearing the cloudy mess of a psyche I so often suffer from. This certifies me of the direction my life is headed.

Funny thing about the act of writing is that it not only lightens and organizes my thoughts, through it I validate my inner child who carries a tornado of incessant curiosity with the desire to know it all and try it all, a dear child who constantly feels too much and wants too much. Through writing, I give this little devil the time and attention (T&A) it requires to feel loved in serenity, giving her recognition of all the ups and downs she had to go through. Without giving her the T&A, she is a risk factor that causes me to bite more than I can chew. Despite my fondness for the fun and excitement she brings out in me, she is a trouble maker when mommy needs to get things done. Knowing that T&A can only provide for a limited number of relationships for a higher rate of their fruitful growth, I rightfully reserve a portion of my T&A for this little monkey.