Life is a constant fight against disorder. If you are breathing, if you are reading this, you are fighting against becoming random debris. By the laws of thermodynamics, we all just want to be in a balanced and uniform state without any differentiating system. The very existence of life itself is an act of rebellion against the universal call to become one. To maintain a structure that persists against this force requires the body to acquire and use energy.

Entropy is the dark force that dominates our world characterized by lack of organization. Death is ultimately entropy in action, and as much as we want to stay alive, we will eventually answer its call, decaying into unorganized states of matter. So this moment right now of being alive is a unique opportunity to manifest ourselves.

I have been wondering what a self is composed of. I always thought we consist of a mind and a body, but I’m tempted to consider a third element: our inner child, or what others call our spirit. If entropy disturbs the organization of a constitution and is evidenced on a human being with physical illness and mental incoherence, in spirituality, would it be equivalent to a social disorder? A phenomenon caused by breach of social connections? Considering pain a sensation caused by increase of entropy in the integrity of self, in consideration of a disruptive peer to peer interaction, wouldn’t it emerge as feelings of guilt, shame, isolation, fear, anger, hatred? If You think therefore I am, we also have a network of referential validation organized between one person and another, susceptible to entropy. Yet, in authenticating the element of inner child as a constituent of self, the corroboration between the mind and the child ought to be considered first to evaluate the integrity of an individual. The governing mind and the body enabled to take its command must be in agreement with the child that resides within.