My relationship with the social system started out disoriented. I jumped from school to school too often between moving from one country to the next, having to adapt to unfamiliar places with foreign faces speaking incomprehensible languages. Everywhere I went there was a new rule of coexistence (RoC) I had to figure out, and I never stayed in a place for long enough to adopt the rule as my own. I know better than to take an institution or faith and defend it as a better way or a higher truth, as I see them in a broader pattern in that they all play by different rules though belonging to one big collective.

One thing led to another and now I am taking Veterinary Medicine course at night after work. I may not have been the best student in managing my time and attention (T&A) but the moments I did immerse into certain subjects, I was fascinated with the little I understood about how the organ systems communicate with each other in maintaining the balance of their environment, and how within each organ the cells are connected harmoniously. They understand they belong together despite their embryonic differentiation, and they exchange information efficiently in order to fight the entropy.

I am not a religious person, but I do wonder about the possible existence of a Grand Architect that may have designed this system as a whole, they all fit together without falling out of place. I see science as a way to understand the given environment and see if we can apply its wisdom in creating our own RoC able to stand together in balance.

Since birth we grow in little steps to gain control of ourselves. First we learn to coordinate our movements, then we try to have power over our environment, challenging the RoC imposed on us to understand the extent of our own command. Then eventually we expand the area over which we have authority to practice RoC of our own creation. We want so much control over everything we can reach, but I don’t see much of us practicing it seriously when it comes to governing our own system within ourselves. Who knows if we did we would be in a less unorganized system as a collective. Fight the entropy!

I think we come to existence as a chance to learn some of the nature’s wisdom and possibly apply to coexist in harmony between the three systems: government of self, the social system, and the ecosystem. If not for a powerful source of energy — may that be the cause of big bang or not — we would all just be random debris. Let there be light 🙂